1. PWS is Pay Without Stress. Please Read this form carefully before filling same
  2. This form should be completed in BLOCK LETTERS only
  3. All information supplied will be treated with confidentiality. Therefore submit only true information
  4. The Passport photograph attached here must be recent copy and must be true likeness


  1. All payment should be done at the designated bank account
  2. Upon submission of application from which is obtained at our corporate office or website you will receive offer letter part payment or deed of assignment full payment
  3. Note that buyer’s resident outside Abuja, contract of sale or deed of assignment will be posted via DHL or UPS to you.
  4. Upon the payment of one hundred percent (100%) for Land choice type, the following documents are issued to the buyer
    _ Total Acknowledgement receipt of payment in full
    _ Deed of Assignment
    Allocation letter (Time of issuance of allocation letter is determined by the estate management) – Survey plan (issue after payment of survey fees and during allocation of land)
  5. You are expected to make deposit as stated of the contract of sale or offer letter.
  6. That the purchase will not transfer this agreement, Land or Property to any third, agent of persons either to sell or lease or carry out any transaction without the concept of the estate management.
  7. Britari Properties moreover does not have any marketer or agent of their estate lands and thus, if you carry out any transaction with and agent r marketer, you are doing that at your own risk.
  8. Note that you can apply for refund. In the event of a refund, you are required to give to the company ninety 90 days’ notice to process your refund request and a further sixty 60 days if the process is not completed after the first 90 days the refund shall be process and be paid according to the payment plan use for the subscription with a  forfeiture of 40% of the total payment for administrative fees.
  9. Should the Purchaser:
    a) Cancel/Withdraw from this letter of offer.
    b) Default in making any payments as and when due and whether or not the Sale Agreement will have been executed;
    the vendor shall reserve the right to treat this offer as cancelled and the purchaser shall forfeit Ten per cent (40%) of the purchase price as Administrative costs.
  10. All the MONTHLY INSTALMENTS MUST be remitted on or before the due date based on the start date.

I hereby confirmed that I am ready to go on with the transaction therefore, the information provided above and terms and condition here with are acceptable and consented by me.

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